Welcome to Technologies IfDef

Technologies IfDef is a consulting group founded by video game industry veterans who have always worked in AAA video game studios. They provide solutions and resources that help you build the tools and pipeline for maximising your team's efficiency. Beside our strong video game production experience, some of our roads also crossed major companies that specialize in software development. We believe that this makes us the right choice to provide solution in this field of expertise.

What we can do

  • Create/modify/debug any game engine code ranging from editor, runtime, renderer, shader, plugin, etc...
  • Create/enhance editor and production workflows for your team.
  • Major consoles development, optimization and TRCs.
  • Port of game on different platforms.
  • Create plugins for Maya and Max to allow a better integration of the DCC in your production.
  • Provide staff that helps you during your crunch period.

Application we know

  • Unreal 3 and 4
  • Unity
  • Custom Game Engine
  • Maya
  • Max