Current Projects

UE4 Development

We currently add and support many feature on UE4 engine.

  • FBX asset import/export
  • FBX full scene import/export
  • Texture streaming
  • Landscape/foliage
  • PBR lighting
  • Mesh features: LODs, morph, ...
  • Many other features
  • Bug fixing

Game development support

We currently support an undisclose game in development. The goal is to help fixing all the bugs to help the release. Using UE4

  • Fix logic bugs in code and in blueprint.
  • Fix differents consoles bugs and TRCs

Trafic system

We create a full trafic system for simulation. Using Unity

  • Car AI that follow the circulation rules
  • Network support for server/clients architecture
  • Runtime optimisation to increase the number of AI vehicules
  • Emergency vehicule behavior, the trafic try to make space to let the emergency vehicule pass
  • Human controlled vehicule (clients) can navigate in the trafic
  • Pedestrian AI that can interact with the trafic system and navigate on the side walk
  • Pedestrian AI agenda to simulate real life apointment and displacemnt in a city

Past Projects

Game network support

We develop some network code to fix a "hockey kind" game. Using UE3.

  • Fix the network to insure proper synchronization of the puck
  • Fix many bug to help ship the game